Rename Record Count on a Dashboard

Here is a short post that may help your users interpret the data on a dashboard. I always thought to display the total number of records in a table on a dashboard I would have to have a column called Record Count. This isn’t true.                     … Continue reading

Record Id Specific Reports

This post will show you how to create links on a record to reports that display data related to that record. Using this reduces the number of reports you have to create as you can set up a number of generic reports that are used to look up a specific record. Step 1 Create the … Continue reading

Displaying reports and dashboards on a visualforce page

Displaying reports and dashboards on a visualforce page is very quick and easy to implement. After reading this post I would recommend reading my post on tabbed visualforce pages. Combining what is discussed in both posts would enable you to have one area that displays reports and/or dashboards for one particular area of the organisation. To display a … Continue reading

Website preview on a record page

Adding a preview of the website related to an account record can help improve the overall appearance of the page. To add a preview, simply create a new visualforce page and copy and paste the following code: <apex:page standardController=”Account” showHeader=”False” tabStyle=”Account” > <div style=”float:left;width:100%”> <apex:image value=”{!Account.Website}&amp;thumbnail_max_width=300&viewport=1000×600&amp;token=no-token-per-dan-vine”/> </div> </apex:page> Notice where it says {!Account.Website} we are … Continue reading

Tabbed Visualforce Page

A tabbed visualforce page can prove useful if you want to create a page that displays a large amount of data in a tidy format, for example, if your App contained a lot of tabs and you wanted to group some into sub tabs. Previous guides I have read have normally shown you how to … Continue reading

Visually improving a record page with icons

Adding icons to a page layout can help improve the overall visual appearance of a record. This post will show you two ways to insert icons onto a page. First I recommend installing the Labs Graphics Pack found on the appexchange. This will install hundreds of images into your Documents. Inserting Icons on a … Continue reading

Enhanced list views on a Visualforce page

Enhanced lists are used when you want to display a specific list view for a standard or custom object, rather than having all list views available for the user to select. Step 1 – Create the list view Go to the standard or custom object and click on the Create New View next to the Go … Continue reading

Displaying a PDF attachment on a record

To display a pdf attachment on a record, you need to create both a component and a visualforce page. Create the Component Go to: Setup–Develop–Components Click on New and give the component the name ‘pdf_attachment_viewer’. Copy and paste the code below into the visualforce markup then hit Save. <apex:component > <apex:attribute name=”height” type=”String” description=”TODO: Describe me”/> … Continue reading

Exporting matrix reports into excel

Exporting data from a Tabular or Summary report into excel is fairly straightforward (just use the Export Details button when in a report). If you have tried to export a matrix report into excel however, you will notice that it doesn’t appear in excel the same way it does in Salesforce. It exports the data out into … Continue reading